IV Therapy

Nausea/Morning Sickness

Our Nausea/Morning Sickness Drip is perfect for expecting mothers and those experiencing general nausea symptoms. (The American Pregnancy Association recommends B6 supplementation to combat morning sickness, as well as B Complex for a healthy pregnancy)

Myers cocktail 149/169

World famous “all in one” infusion to instantly improve body health and wellness. Rich with B Vitamins, Vitamin C, Calcium, Magnesium and more!

R n’ R

Rest and Relax infusion contain calming vitamins and minerals to ease stress levels for a healthier mind space.

Detox Flush

Helps detoxify and re-balance body cells with amino acids and electrolytes for a better day to day performance.

$159/179 Created

Athletes Choice

Our Athletes Choice IV can help you reach your full potential, providing the essential elements your body needs to excel. Whether you’re a professional athlete or simply looking to elevate your game, this IV treatment is your ticket to peak performance. Trust us to help you unleash your inner champion!

Detox Flush

Mix of amio acids to enhance muscle growth and workout performance while adding a boost to your metabolism. Great for those who participate in high intensity workouts and sports! Designed to support a healthy weight and optimal energy while promoting muscle cell recovery.

Radiance Beauty $149/159

Radiance Beauty 149/159 Powerful anti-aging drip that aids in rejuvenation and skin hydration. Boosts collagen cell production, supports skin tone + elasticity, promotes healthy skin, hair, and nails!

Immunity Boost 139/159

This infusion helps and strengthens your body’s immunity so your body can function at its full potential!

Cold Brew 149/169

Under the weather? Attack cold symptoms from the beginning! Target immunity, cold & flu, headaches and decrease duration of illness.
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